Professionally, I've primarily been an engineering manager and full-stack developer for over a decade and I've been designing/developing websites and online solutions for 21 years.

By the year 2000, I had already been an art director for a design firm and a multimedia designer/developer at both an academic publisher and a telecommunications company. With skills in all areas of graphic design, corporate identity, multimedia design, sound design and web development, I became a full-time freelancer in mid-2001 and co-founded a creative development firm.

A few years later, I took on several roles at another academic publisher to supplement my income. In 2007 I took on a role of Webmaster at (yet another) academic publishing company, Taylor & Francis Group. In 2010 I decided to reduce my personal business and endeavors so that I could focus solely on in-house roles, regaining some much-needed freedom in my personal life.

Web design and development has evolved a lot over the years. Roles have diversified, mediums and devices have improved (mercifully), business needs have evolved. Web development has gone beyond application development and into advanced platform engineering. The skill-set required these days to develop web-based applications is as diverse and demanding as it has ever been. Currently, I'm known as a Tech/Delivery Lead and I spend most of my time leading development teams to build highly scalable web apps, microservices and platforms.

My professional passions include; Design, Workflows, Software development processes, SRE/DevOps, CI/CD, Solution architecture, Structured data.


Tech/Delivery Lead
Taylor & Francis Group
26 years
Associate's Degree in Visual Communications, Art Institute of Fort Lauderale
Computer Graphics, Montclair State University

Work Experience Timeline

Tech Lead, Taylor & Francis Group
Senior Engineer, Taylor & Francis Group
Webmaster, Taylor & Francis Group
Director, Digital Entropy
Webmaster, LEA
Multimedia Designer/Developer, LEA
Multimedia Designer/Developer, Net2Phone
Multimedia Designer/Developer, Prentice Hall / Pearson Education
Art Director, Creative Solutions

Skills that pay bills (and some that don't)

This is a massive list of software, services, technologies and standards that I've had experience with. It's challenging to organize this list, and present the experience I have with it. For better or worse, I've chosen to represent my skill-level using icons.

Legend: (true love), (everyday use), (favorite), (signficant experience), (beginner), (dated knowledge), (dead skill), (trollface)

Programming and Scripting

Data Storage and Messaging

Markup and Standards

Frameworks, Libraries and Tools

Testing and Monitoring

DevOps and Infrastructure

Cloud/Web Services

Building and Dependencies

Website/Content Management

Projects, Teams and Tasks

Template Languages

Business/Planning Software

Development Software

Media Software

The Graveyard